Stephen Dydo

Selected Recordings




Clarinet, guitar (ca. 11)

Mark Margolies, William Anderson



Meditation: Begin    End

Flute and Harp (ca. 12)

Susan Altabet, Tomoko Sugawara


Intimate conversations with strangers (stereo excerpt)

Computer-synthesized and recorded sounds; 6-channel (ca. 14)

For the installation in London, 2009



Pozhen Yue: Movement 1 (excerpt)

5-stringed pipa and Chinese chamber orchestra (ca. 12')

Cheng Yu, solo, with UK Chinese Ensemble orchestra


Never the sky always silence (stereo excerpt)

Computer-synthesized sounds; 2-channel (ca. 10)


Let the streams flow

Computer-synthesized sounds; 2-channel (ca. 10)


La vita nuova - Battle Dance  Final Scene

Computer-synthesized and recorded sounds; 8-channel (ca. 12)

For the installation in London, 2008



Three Tang Dynasty Pieces (Wang Zhaojun, Qinwang Pozhen Yue, Qinghai Bo)

Konghou (ancient Chinese harp) (ca. 14)

Tomoko Sugawara



Wind Chimes (excerpt)

Five-string pipa and guitar (ca. 12)

Cheng Yu, Stephen Dydo


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